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Several developments in technology has brought changes to the music industry. A lot of these changes are favourable to the striving independent filipino artists. However, only a few have realized this opportunity as most people are still accustomed to the cliche of the old norms in the music industry. Now is the time to break the ice. Independent artist can make a stand, create their music and sell them just like what those under major labels do.

Recently, technology has paved the way for artists to be able to record their music without spending a lot in professional recording studios. With the digital age, several small recording studios are producing quality recordings at par with those created on big and expensive studios. Even bedroom recordings using the right equiptments on a PC can create broadcast and cd quality recordings. Because of this, a number of filipino independent artists are now showing off their own music. Some are able to get them played over the radios. Others are producing their own singles, EPs and full albums selling them in gigs. The lucky ones get a major recording deal. Majority however are lost in the maze because of financial constraints. It gets very expensive to manufacture CDs, plus the requirement of several licenses in order to have your cds sit on music stores nationwide.

Other artist have tried to sell their music thru the internet, however, not every filipino has the capacity to buy online. Only a few could buy using credit card or any other payment gateway. And still there is the problem of expenses for delivering the package if this were in a form of CDs. If it was a download thing, then there is another problem of music sharing over the internet.

Fortunately there is This is the country's biggest mobile music store. With mymusic, anyone who has a celphone that can download mp3s and a load regardless of network can purchase music from the music store. This has been the trend and has been going on with catalogs from major labels both local and foreign.

How would you like to have your music included in the music store? This way you can now ask your followers to buy your music with a few clicks on their celphones. And you get revenues out of it, just like having your own CDs sold on the stores, but this time, you didnt spend a lot on cd manufacturing, or get hassled from finding means to put your cds on the right stores. This will also boost popularity of your music as it can now be accessed anywhere all over the Philippines. You will not ask your audience to go to record bars and buy your cds. You will ask them to buy your music now, where ever they are. It doesnt matter if its day or night.

This is what indiepinoy is all about. Helping the independent Filipino artists in bringing their music to the people. Indiepinoy becomes the instrument of Filipino artists to become more accessible and popular. This means they get more gigs, encouraging them to create more songs, and further pursue their careers in the music industry. This will help the development of the Filipino music scene.

The project is currently in an infant stage. Efforts are being laid down to develop the widest network of independent Filipino artist willing to participate in this project. With the help of several production outfits, talent management, independent recording labels and small recording and rehersal studios, the indiepinoy network is slowly growing big.

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To learn more about the project please visit the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) page or the About Us page. You may also visit the list of artists actively participating in the project.

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